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Press Releases



  • [51] Bayesian redshift-space distortions correction from galaxy redshift surveys
    Kitaura, Francisco-Shu; Ata, Metin; Angulo, Raul E.; Chuang, Chia-Hsun; Rodriguez-Torres, Sergio; Hernandez Monteagudo, Carlos; Prada, Francisco; Yepes, Gustavo
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv1507.08724:)

  • [50] The universality of the virial halo mass function and models for non-universality of other halo definitions
    Despali, Giulia; Giocoli, Carlo; Angulo, Raul E.; Tormen, Giuseppe; Sheth, Ravi K.; Baso, Giacomo; Moscardini, Lauro
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv:1507.05627)

  • [49] Subhalo abundance matching and assembly bias in the EAGLE simulation
    Chaves-Montero, Jonás; Angulo, Raul E.; Schaye, Joop; Schaller, Matthieu; Crain, Robert A.; Furlong, Michelle
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv:1507.01948)

  • [48] On the Statistics of Biased Tracers in the Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structures
    Angulo, Raul; Fasiello, Matteo; Senatore, Leonardo; Vlah, Zvonimir
    JCAP in press. (astro-ph/arXiv:1503.08826)

  • [47] An adaptively refined phase-space element method for cosmological simulations and collisionless dynamics
    Hahn, O.; Angulo, R. E.
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv:1501.01959)

  • [46] Galaxy formation in the Planck Cosmology I - Matching the observed evolution of star-formation rates, colours and stellar masses
    Henriques, B.; White, S.; Thomas, P.; Angulo, R.; Guo, Q.; Lemson, G.; Springel, V.; Overzier, R.
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph:1410.0365)

  • [45] An exploration of galaxy-galaxy lensing and galaxy clustering in the Millennium-XXL simulation
    Marian, Laura; Smith, Robert E.; Angulo, Raul E.
    MNRAS submitted (astro-ph/arXiv:1410.3468)

  • [44] Universality of dark matter haloes shape over six decades in mass: Insights from the Millennium XXL and SBARBINE simulations
    Bonamigo, M; Despali, G; Limousin, M; Angulo, R. E.; Giocoli, C.; Soucail, G:
    MNRAS accepted (astro-ph/arXiv:1410.0015 )

  • [43] The One-Loop Matter Bispectrum in the Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structures
    Angulo, R. E.; Foreman, S.; Schmittfull, M., Senatore, L.
    JCAP submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv:1406.4143)

  • [42] Cosmological constraints from the CFHTLenS shear measurements using a new, accurate and flexible way of predicting nonlinear mass clustering
    Angulo, R. E.; Hilbert, S.
    2015, MNRAS. (astro-ph/arXiv:1405.5888)

  • [41] The Properties of Cosmic Velocity Fields
    Hahn, O.; Angulo, R. E.; Abel, T.
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv:1404.2280)

  • [40] Dark Cosmological Simulations
    Angulo, R. E.
    Proceedings of the Frank N. Bash Symposium 2013: New Horizons in Astronomy (BASH 2013). (Bash2013)

  • [39] Matched filter optimization of kSZ measurements with a reconstructed cosmological flow field
    Li, M.; Angulo, R. E.; White, S. D. M.; Jasche, J.
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv:1404.0007)

  • [38] J-PAS: The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerated Universe Astrophysical Survey
    Benitez et al.

  • [37] Characterizing the Best Cosmic Telescopes with the Millennium Simulations.
    Decker French, K.; Wong, K. C.; Zabludoff, A. I.; Ammons, S. M.; Keeton, C. R.; Angulo, R. E.
    2014, ApJ, 78, 59. (astro-ph/arXiv:1402.6326)

  • [36] The Mass-Concentration-Redshift Relation of Cold Dark Matter Halos
    Ludlow, A. D.; Navarro, J. F.; Angulo, R. E.; Boylan-Kolchin, .; Springel, .; Frenk, .; White, . D. M
    MNRAS in press. (astro-ph/arXiv:1312.0945 )

  • [35] Galaxy formation on the largest scales: The impact of astrophysics on the BAO peak.
    Angulo, R. E.; White, S. D. M.; Springel, V.; Henriques, B.
    MNRAS in press. (astro-ph/arXiv:1311.7100)

  • [34] Extending the halo mass resolution of $N$-body simulations.
    Angulo, R. E.; C. M.; Frenk, C. S.;Lacey, C. G.
    MNRAS in press. (astro-ph/arXiv:1310.3880)

  • [33] Noiseless Gravitational Lensing Simulations
    Angulo R. E.; Chen, R.; Hilbert, S.; Abel, T.
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv:1309.1161)

  • [32] The Warm DM halo mass function below the cut-off scale
    Angulo, R. E.; Hahn, O.; Abel, T.
    MNRAS. (astro-ph/arXiv:1304.2406)

  • [31] The mass profile and accretion history of cold dark matter haloes
    Ludlow, A. D.; Navarro, J. F.; Boylan-Kolchin, M.; Bett, P. E.; Angulo, R. E.; Li, M.; White, S. D. M.; Frenk, C.; Springel, V.
    MNRAS in press. (astro-ph/arXiv:1302.0288)

  • [30] How closely do baryons follow dark matter on large scales?
    Angulo, R. E.; Hahn, O.; Abel, T.
    MNRAS submitted. (astro-ph/arXiv:1301.7426)

  • [29] Exploring the non-linear density field in the Millennium simulations with tessellations - I. The probability distribution function
    Pandey, B.; White, S. D. M.; Springel, V.; Angulo, R.
    MNRAS in press. (astro-ph/arXiv:1301.3789)

  • [28] Simulations of the galaxy population constrained by observations from z=3 to the present day: implications for galactic winds and the fate of their ejecta
    Henriques, B.; White, S.; Thomas, P.; Angulo, R. E.; Guo, Q.; Lemson, G.; Springel, V.
    MNRAS in press. (astro-ph/arXiv:1212.1717)

  • [27] Numerical simulations of the dark universe: State of the art and the next decade
    Kuhlen, M.; Vogelsberger, M. ; Angulo, R. E.
    2012, PDU, 1, 50. (astro-ph/arXiv:1209.5745)

  • [26] Semi-analytic galaxy formation in early dark energy cosmologies
    Fontanot, F.; Springel, V.; Angulo, R. E.; Henriques, B.
    2012, MNRAS, 426, 2335. (astro-ph/arXiv:1207.1723)

  • [25] The Millennium Run Observatory: First Light
    Overzier, R.; Lemson, G.; Angulo, R. E.; Bertin, E.; Blaizot, J.; Henriques, B.; Marleau, G.; White, S. D. M.
    2013, MNRAS, 428, 778. (astro-ph/1206.6923)

  • [24] The Dynamical State and Mass-Concentration Relation of Galaxy Clusters
    Ludlow, A. D.; Navarro, J. F.; Li, M.; Angulo, R. E.; Boylan-Kolchin, M.; and Bett, P. E.,
    2012, MNRAS, 427, 1322. (astro-ph/1206.1049)

  • [23] Galaxy formation in WMAP1 and WMAP7 cosmologies
    Q. Guo; S. White; R. E. Angulo; B. Henriques; G. Lemson; M. Boylan-Kolchin; P. Thomas; C. Short
    2012, MNRAS, 426, 2335. (astro-ph/1206.0052)

  • [22] Cosmic Structure and Dynamics of the Local Universe
    F.-S. Kitaura, P. Erdogdu, S. Nuza, A. Khalatyan, R. E. Angulo, Y. Hoffman, S. Gottloeber. 2012, MNRAS, 427L, 35. (astro-ph/1205.5560)

  • [21] The journey of QSO haloes from z=6 to the present
    R. E. Angulo, V. Springel, S. D. M. White, S. Cole, A. Jenkins, C. M. Baugh, C. S. Frenk 2012, MNRAS, 425, 2722. (astro-ph/1203.5339)

  • [20] Scaling relations for galaxy clusters in the Millennium-XXL simulation
    R. E. Angulo, V. Springel, S. D. M. White, A. Jenkins, C. M. Baugh, C. S. Frenk
    2012, MNRAS, 426, 2046. (astro-ph/1203.3216)

  • [19] Statistical and systematic errors in redshift-space distortion measurements from large surveys
    D. Bianchi, L. Guzzo, E. Branchini, E. Majerotto, S. de la Torre, F. Marulli, L. Moscardini, R. E. Angulo
    2012, MNRAS, 427, 2420. (astro-ph/1203.1545)

  • [18] Cosmology with clustering anisotropies: disentangling dynamic and geometric distortions in galaxy redshift surveys
    F. Marulli, D. Bianchi, E. Branchini, L. Guzzo, L. Moscardini, R. E. Angulo
    2012, MNRAS, 426, 2566. (astro-ph/1203.1002)

  • [17] The clustering of galaxies at z~0.5 in the SDSS-III Data Release 9 BOSS-CMASS sample: a test for the LCDM cosmology
    S. E. Nuza, A. G. Sanchez, F. Prada, A. Klypin, D. J. Schlegel, S. Gottloeber, A. D. Montero-Dorta, M. Manera, C. K. McBride, A. J. Ross, R. E. Angulo, M. Blanton, A. Bolton, G. Favole, L. Samushia, F. Montesano, W. Percival, N. Padmanabhan, M. Steinmetz, J. Tinker, R. Skibba, D. Schneider, H. Guo, I. Zehavi, Z. Zheng, D. Bizyaev, O. Malanushenko, V. Malanushenko, A. E. Oravetz, D. J. Oravetz, A. C. Shelden
    MNRAS in press. (astro-ph/1202.6057)

  • [16] Estimating cosmic velocity fields from density fields and tidal tensors
    F.-S. Kitaura, R. E. Angulo, Y. Hoffman, S. Gottl"ober
    2012, MNRAS, 425, 2422. (astro-ph/1111.6629)

  • [15] Linearisation with Cosmological Perturbation Theory
    F. S. Kitaura, R. E. Angulo
    2012, MNRAS, 425, 2443. (astro-ph/1111.6617)

  • [14] The effects of alignment and ellipticity on the clustering of galaxies
    M. P. van Daalen, R. E. Angulo,S. D. M. White
    2012, MNRAS, 424, 2954. (astro-ph/1110.4888)

  • [13] On the Effects of Line-of-Sight Structures on Lensing Flux-ratio Anomalies in a LCDM Universe
    D. D. Xu, S. Mao, A. Cooper, L. Gao, C. Frenk, R. E. Angulo, J. Helly
    2012, MNRAS, 421, 2553. (astro-ph/1110.118)

  • [12] Are the 2dFGRS superstructures a problem for hierarchical models?
    Y. Yaryura, C.; Baugh, C. M.; R. E. Angulo
    2011, MNRAS, 413, 1311. (astro-ph/1003.4259)

  • [11] How BAO measurements can fail to detect quintessence
    Jennings, E; Baugh, C.M.; Angulo, R. E.; Pascoli, S.

  • [10] One simulation to fit them all -- changing the backgroud parameters of a cosmological N-body simulation
    Angulo, R. E.; White, D. M. S.
    2010, MNRAS, 405, 143. (astro-ph/0912.4277)

  • [9] The Globular Cluster NGC 5286. II. Variable Stars
    Zorotovic, M.; Catelan, M.; Smith, H. A.; Pritzl, B. J.; Aguirre, P.; Angulo, R. E.; Aravena, M.; Assef, R. J.; Contreras, C.; Cortes, C.; De Martini, G.; Escobar, M. E.; Gonzalez, D.; Jofre, P.; Lacerna, I.; Navarro, C.; Palma, O.; Prieto, G. E.; Recabarren, E.; Trivino, J.; Vidal, E.
    2010, AJ, 139, 357Z. (astro-ph/0911.1686)

  • [8] Simulations of Quintessential Cold Dark Matter: beyond the cosmological constant
    Jennings, E; Baugh, C.M.; Angulo, R. E.; Pascoli, S.
    2010, MNRAS, 401, 2181J (astro-ph/0908.1394)

  • [7] The Birth and Growth of Neutralino Haloes
    Angulo, R. E.; White, D. M. S.
    2010, MNRAS, 401, 1796A (astro-ph/0906.1730)

  • [6] The Fate of Substructures in Cold Dark Matter Haloes
    Angulo, R. E.; Lacey, C. G.; Baugh, C. M.; Frenk, C. S
    2009, MNRAS, 399, 983A (astro-ph/0810.2177)

  • [5] Building synthetic galaxy catalogues: a first look at the photometric redshift performance of Pan-STARRS
    Cai, Y.-C.; Angulo, R. E.; Baugh, C. M.; Cole, S.; Frenk, C. S.; Jenkins, A.
    2009, MNRAS, 395, 1185C (astro-ph/0810.2300)

  • [4] What is the best way to measure baryonic acoustic oscillations?
    Sanchez, A. G.; Baugh, C. M.; Angulo, R. E.
    2008, MNRAS, 390, 1470S.

  • [3] The assembly bias of dark matter haloes to higher order
    Angulo, R. E.; Baugh, C. M.; Lacey, C. G.
    2008, MNRAS, 387, 921.

  • [2] The detectability of baryonic acoustic oscillations in future galaxy surveys
    Angulo, R. E.; Baugh, C. M.; Frenk, C. S; Lacey, C. G
    2008, MNRAS, 383, 755.

  • [1] Constraints on the dark energy equation of state from the imprint of baryons on the power spectrum of clusters
    Angulo, R. E.; Baugh, C. M.; Frenk, C. S.; Bower, R. G.; Jenkins, A.; Morris, S. L.
    2005, MNRAS, 362, L25.

Awards and Honours

Awards and Honours

  • Physics Department PhD Thesis Prize
    2009 - Durham University
  • North-Holland Research Physics Prize
    2008 - Durham University
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award
    September 2005-October 2008



  • Phd in Physics: Durham University
    October 2005 - September 2008
    Title: The Clustering of Dark Matter Haloes and Galaxies.
    Supervisors: Prof. Carlos S. Frenk, Dr. Carlton M. Baugh and Dr. Cedric G. Lacey.
  • B.sc in Astronomy: P. Universidad Catolica de Chile
    March 2000 - September 2005