CEFCA sheds light on 'The dark side of the Universe'

2016-02-14 08:00
Poster of the conference

Poster of the conference

The Centro de Estudios de Física del Cosmos de Aragón (CEFCA), in collaboration with Fundación Caja Inmaculada de Teruel, has organized an outreach talk with the title "The dark side of the Universe". The conference, opened to the general public, will be given next Thursday, 18th February, at 19:30 pm in the CAI Auditorium of Teruel by Dr. Silvia Bonoli, from CEFCA.

The activity will be set in the Middle Ages, acording with the Festival of Bodas de Isabel de Segura, which will take place next weekend in the city.

In the presentation, Dr. Bonoli will show us the darkest sides of the Universe, from black holes to the dark matter and dark energy. She will tell us how they have been discovered, what do we know about them and how big surveys, like those of Javalambre, will lead to new discoveries.