Civil work

OAJ facilities. General overview

OAJ facilities. General overview

The Observatorio Astrofísico de Javalambre is a new observatory located at a new astronomical site at the Sierra de Javalambre. The OAJ infrastructure aims to guarantee its operation and maintenance during the OAJ lifetime.

The top left figure shows the OAJ civil work. Apart from the two buildings for the JST250 and JAST80 telescopes, it is composed of four additional buildings:

1. The Residence and Control Building, which includes the OAJ control room, mechanics and electronic laboratories, a data archiving/storaging room, and the residence area for the OAJ staff.

2. The General Services Plant, with room for water and gas tanks, power generators, chiller, dry air pumps, etc.

3. The Monitor Building is a small building with a retractable cover which will contain the seeing, extinction and cloud monitors.

4. The Aluminizing Plant, with all the necessary infrastructure to clean and aluminize mirrors of up to 2.6m.

All the above buildings and the telescopes are communicated by underground tunnels, mainly thought for personnel movement as well as for installations and communications among buildings.

OAJ control room Monitor building One of the rooms of the general services plant

From left to right: The OAJ control room, the monitor building and one of the rooms of the general services plant